best diet plan|what to eat to lose weight?

Who does not want the extra weight reduces the slender body shape? I wanted to be, but not anymore. I’d like for him to get ready to try. And you have to take the initiative is a step ahead in today’s diet chart. Today I was given such a diet chart helps in weight reduction of up to 5 kg and is very easily possible to reduce the weight of the measured speed of sound through consumption. The goal is to reach every 1280 calories you, that means you need to burn the calories in the diet chart to 38.400 such that the food would have to be approximately 1500 calories.

best diet plan

8:00 am

– 1 hard-boiled egg white (5 calories)

best diet plan

best diet plan

– A bowl of grapefruit (juice can eat, or spontaneously) (96 calories)

– Two bread (of 10 calories)

– Vegetable soup (150 calories)

11:00 am

– A cup of green tea without sugar (there is no calories)

– An apple (81 calories) / an orange (86 calories)

At 200

– 1 cup of rice (16 calories) / two loaves (of 10 calories)

– 1 cup mixed vegetable (85 calories)

– 1 cup peas (0 calories) / one piece of fish (14 calories)

5:00 PM

– A cup of green tea (without sugar)

– Two biscuits without cream (30 calories)

Evening 7:00

– Coconut water (46 calories)

8-10 or the pistachio (70 calories)



– 1 cup of rice (16 calories) / two loaves (of 10 calories)

– 1 cup salad (50 calories)

– 1 cup of vegetables (85 calories) / half cup yogurt (65 calories)

This is the fairly chart a diet of 1500 calories. However, as well as physical exercise is essential to comply with the diet chart. Because the body to burn extra calories you can burn. Any exercise can help burn calories. Begin with light exercise at the beginning. Increase habit of walking 45 minutes every day. You can also exercise free hand.